I‘m T_nology

I am an IT Consultant with a passion for technology.


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Python is an interpreted scripting language that is compiled to bytecode at runtime. It has a unique syntax that relies on indentation and is a general-purpose programming language.

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JavaScript is a scripting language that can be used for various purposes, although it is most often used with websites and web-related services.



Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) creates the layouts of websites. It uses tags to create elements for a webpage, which can then be styled with CSS.

CSS Logo


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) goes hand-in-hand with HTML, styling the page and making the page able to be more than a white background with black text onto the left of the screen.

React Logo


React is a JS framework used by the industry that makes web development scalable and reliable, allowing for development of customizable components and advanced functionality.

Next Logo


Next is a JavaScript framework built on the React framework with an advanced routing system that makes pages load faster, with other features that can help the backend of a website connect to a frontend.

Windows Logo


Windows is an operating system created by Microsoft designed for both business and consumer use. It's used by most computers and has different versions, with more recent versions using the Windows NT Kernel.

Linux Logo


Linux is an open source operating system based on Unix that comes with many different distributions. It's the most used operating system for servers, but it's also used with consumer PCs.

Rocky Linux Logo

Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux is a distribution of Linux based on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). It's mainly used with servers and is known for its reliability.

GitHub Logo


GitHub is a popular platform for hosting code and open-source projects. It can be used with the git command line, which is a powerful tool for managing your projects with collaboration and version history.

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WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) used to host blogging websites. It's easy to set up and features convenient tools to write articles and customize the website it's being used with.

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VS Code

Visual Studio Code is a powerful code editor that features a rich suite of features and an extensive library of extensions to greatly improve programming.

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Docker is a platform to run applications in containers, making them easy to manage and share.

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Nginx is web server software that features reverse proxying, load balancing, caching, and other features.