About Me

My name is T_nology. I am a 18-year-old developer with a passion for technology and I enjoy many aspects of it.

Some of my skills include the following:

Microsoft Windows Event Viewer

PC Diagnostics

Utilization of diagnostic tools and resources to diagnose computer issues, including the Windows Event viewer, UEFI, command line utilities, and bootable environments.

Gaming Computer With RGB Fans

Computer Hardware Knowledge

Basic knowledge of computer hardware

Linux Terminal with various commands entered, including a command to make a directory, change directory, and list the contents of a directory

Basic Linux Skills

Basic Linux skills, including the usage of the Linux command-line and the Linux file system.

Python code


Programming in Python and JavaScript

White puzzle pieces in the background, with an empty space labelled 'Problem' and a red puzzle piece labelled 'Solution'

Logic and Problem Solving

Using logic and problem solving skills to create code and solve issues within code

Code with the React framework, which is a framework for web development

Website Creation

Website creation in vanilla HTML/CSS/JS, as well as with the React and Next frameworks

The configuration of an nginx file, which is being edited through a command-line file editor called nano

Basic System Administration Skills

Basic Sysadmin skills, including configuring nginx, as well as using certbot, pm2, yarn, docker, and more.